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Lawn Sprinkler and Landscaping Contractor

Sprinkler Repair in Montgomery County, TX & Surrounding Areas

Homeowners all over the country want to see their lawns in a lush, green state. For this reason, most of them will go out of their way to ensure regular maintenance of their home or property. However, it is, indeed, a struggle to maintain one’s landscape in perfect condition without a sprinkler system. A healthy lawn must have a lawn sprinkler system that is efficient and convenient. Beautifying the lawn says a lot about how you value your home, and your neighbors will appreciate it as well. Do you like to know how to make your landscape the talk of the town in your neighborhood?

Of course, it will take some work but think about the attractive space a sprinkler system can give you a space where you can sit and enjoy with your friends and family. You can water your lawn with a hose, but why do you do that when the sprinkler system can also do it in half the time? Also, the lawn sprinkler system will irrigate your lawn evenly. With today’s creative and innovative technology, keeping the landscape lush and healthy is no longer the job you have to do.

You need to have an efficient system, but you also need to select the right sprinkler system to get the best results.

Not sure which sprinklers to get? Contact us today at Planet Green TX to guide you on the best options you can choose from.

Our Services

Sprinkler System

Watering your lawn is crucial in preserving its lushness and charm. We at Planet Green Irrigation can carefully design your lawn sprinkler system to ensure maximum lawn coverage.

Landscape Design

With a brand-new landscape, you can have a beautiful outdoor experience all of the time. Our landscape design services are comprehensive so that you get everything you need out of one business. Our professionals customize each plan to meet all your landscaping desires.

Gutter Installations

If you are looking for a new gutter system or to replace an old gutter system, our team has you covered. We provide professional gutter installations at Planet Green so that your home stays safe and protected, no matter what the weather brings.


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