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Before the onslaught of the cold winter months, we typically think of winterizing our homes and our cars; however, what about winterizing your sprinkler system? And what exactly is winterization? How do you prepare your lawn sprinkler system for the winter season? Great questions! Let me help you gain an understanding and offer you basic ideas on how to care for your irrigation system for winter!

sprinkle system in front yard

What Is Involved in Winterizing a Lawn Sprinkler?

Winterization is to prepare or gear up for the winter weather. It is vital to do this in order to avoid damage from harsh winter weather conditions or freezing temperature levels. The majority of you probably insulate your windows in your house or ensure you have enough antifreeze in your cars and truck. So, how do you set about prepping your irrigation system? It’s a great idea to do a check system–checking each zone for leakages, making certain your rain and freeze sensing unit is working properly, and setting your controller for minimum watering or if preferred-turning off your system altogether.

There are numerous methods to protect your sprinkler system from freezing pipelines. We know that not every system requires the same winterization methods. Still, you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience to evaluate your particular system and make recommendations as required accurately.

Here at Planet Green Irrigation, we are winterization experts. It may not get as cold here in Spring; however, it still freezes, and freezing temps can actually trigger issues with your sprinkler system. Call us today and let’s get your lawn sprinkler system winter ready!

Spring Lawn Sprinkler Winterization in Spring, TX

Spring Lawn Sprinkler Winterization

Pipelines commonly break throughout the cold weather in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas if not properly cared for, or winterized correctly. An appropriately winterized home is protected from the cold and the terrible costs of burst pipes.

You need not worry, though! We can assist you to winterize your sprinkler system. If there is any water in the system’s pipelines, it can freeze, expand and break the PVC piping, normally from fitting to fitting. It might harm the internal parts and could perhaps break the brass body if water freezes in the backflow assembly. The backflow preventer valve, which helps keep the irrigation water from mixing in with potable drinking water, can likewise be damaged. Replacement of this valve would also cost you hundreds of dollars.

We at Planet Green Irrigation understand that not everyone has time to winterize their sprinkler system personally. This is why our irrigation system maintenance services include making sure that commercial and property sprinklers in Spring, Texas, and nearby areas are ready for the winter season. Does your system require winterization? Please call us now so we can assist you right away. Learn more about Gutter.

Winterize Lawn Sprinkler in Montgomery County, TX & Surrounding Areas

Even in locations that don’t generally get extremely cold, winterizing your sprinkler system is helpful when you’re not using it. When you leave water in your irrigation pipes, and the temperatures get cold, the water will freeze, expanding in your pipelines and causing cracks and defective valves.

You won’t even know you have a problem until spring rolls around, and you turn on your sprinkler system to discover that you unexpectedly have a geyser of water flooding your garden, and drenching your house or sidewalks. To prevent damage to your pipelines and valves, it’s best to call a sprinkler system company like us at Planet Green Irrigation to winterize your irrigation system for you.

Many individuals pick the Do-It-Yourself route. If you have actually got experience in plumbing or landscape management, that may be a great option. If you do not have the experience, it may be a more economical long-term choice to let the professionals manage this job. We at Planet Green Irrigation are ready to assist you in winterizing your sprinkler system, making sure that your system still works at its optimum capacity in the spring.

If you are trying to find a specialized Texas expert for your winterizing sprinkler system task, then you are in luck! Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and go over the very best choices for your irrigation system solutions.

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Do I Need to Be Concerned About Winterizing My Sprinklers?

This is among the most popular concerns we receive here at Planet Green Irrigation. In our years of service, after experiencing numerous sprinklers getting damaged during the colder season, our answer is still a resounding “Yes.” Part of the responsibilities of having a lawn sprinkler system is preparing it for winter. Now the concern is: What happens when it is not winterized?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, winterization is removing all the water in your entire lawn sprinkler, consisting of the head, pipes, valve, and pumps, before winter comes and freezes your entire sprinkler system over. This includes “blowing out” the zones by hooking up the air compressor to the main valve.


Winterizing Lawn Sprinkler System in Spring, TX

Sprinkler Winterization Near Me

Blowing air through the pipelines and ensuring that there is not a puddle left helps house owners gain a sense of reassurance that their sprinklers are safe. Since they underestimate the freezing weather, many individuals ignore winterization. As winter progresses, the frost level sinks deeper into the soil, which implies a higher possibility that it will reach underground, where your pipelines are located.

If your pipelines have not been winterized, they can quickly crack, warp, erode, or shatter and trigger leaks in spring. Even galvanized pipelines, which are understood for their toughness, can split as years go by. You would be fortunate if only 10 feet of the pipeline were broken during winter because anything more than that will need replacement, which can get very expensive.

Prevent costly repairs and enjoy your winter wonderland without worrying about your sprinkler systems when spring comes. Call us today.

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