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We Provide Water Management in Spring, TX 

Without a storm water management system, you run the risk of water pooling up and damaging your home’s foundation or leaking into your basement. A water management system also protects your lawn and landscape. At Planet Green TX, our landscape contractors have decades of experience in drainage and water management in Spring, TX. We can evaluate your landscape and hardscape design and determine if you need to address any drainage issues. To learn more about the benefits of water utility management, just call us today or contact us online.

When You Need Drainage & Storm Water Management

Every home landscape needs an effective water management system in place. A water management plan will keep your lawn from getting soggy when it rains, or if there’s a flood. It can also control water drainage so it moves away from your home’s foundation. We can assess your existing sprinkler or irrigation system, the location and size of your plants, and your hardscaping features like retaining walls and edges. We can also complete a water usage analysis and leak detection to see if you have any water waste. Here are signs of when it’s time to give us a call:

  • Soggy spots or wet areas in your lawn or garden.
  • Standing water near your home.
  • Water backing up into your home or building.
  • Signs of water damage inside or outside your home, including water stains, cracks in walls or your foundation, mold or mildew growth, musty smells, wet spots, rotting wood, peeling paint or plaster, sagging ceilings, and rusted metal.
  • Diseased or dying landscape material
  • Soil washout, sinkholes, or erosion.
  • Uneven patio pavers, sidewalks, paved areas, or walkways.
  • Exposed roots.
  • Sudden low areas in your landscaping.
  • Increased pest and insect activity.
  • A buildup of silt or sediment.
Gutter system in garden

The Benefits of Drainage & Water Management Systems

The risks of poor drainage are dead plants, brown grass, unsightly landscaping, water intrusion and damage in your home, damaged hardscapes, soil erosion, increased pest problems, and safety issues. A controlled drainage and water utility management plan leads to:

  • Increased efficiency of your sprinkler system or irrigation system.
  • Reduced water usage and water bills.
  • Avoid costly water damage.
  • Healthier trees and plants.
  • Prevent standing water.
  • Control erosion.
  • Minimize storm water runoff.
diverting the flow of water for garden hose

Options for Water Utility Management

When we come to your home to do an evaluation of your lawn and landscaping design, it will help us determine what type of storm water management system will help water will drain safely away from your home or building, and avoid water damage. We specialize in installing the following water management systems:

  • French drains – A French drain is a long trench dug in the most problematic area. The trench is filled with a perforated pipe wrapped in waterproof fabric and covered with a few layers of stone or gravel. Gravity directs the water to flow downhill, and the water naturally collects and rains through the stones and pipe.
  • Channel drains – A channel drain is a plastic or concrete grate over a channel or trench system. As water accumulates, it flows downward into the channel drain and is directed away from the home and garden. Channel drains need to be cleaned regularly so they don’t get clogged.
  • Catch basin drains – Catch basin drains collects water and direct it away from a home to prevent flooding and into an existing underground drainage pipe.
  • Downspout adapters – A downspout adapter changes the shape and direction of a downspout at the point where it attaches to another pipe.

Call Us to Explore Water Management Systems in Spring, TX

When you need a storm water management drainage system in Spring, TX. We’ll do a full evaluation and assessment of your sprinkler system and landscaping, as well as a water usage audit and leak detection, to determine your unique need. We specialize in finding the perfect storm water management system for your landscape design and home design so that you can protect your home and garden from damage. We use equipment like drains, pumps, grilles, and more to create a controlled drainage system that lasts year-round. To learn more about water management systems, call us today or contact us online.

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