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Landscape Lighting in Montgomery County, TX & Surrounding Areas

Landscaping lighting in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, serves two purposes — beauty and function. Ask the professionals at Planet Green to customize and install a unique outdoor lighting system that meets your needs and desires.

Landscape Lighting System Installations in Spring, TX

Landscape Lighting System

Your investment in your lawn and grounds shines day and night with outdoor lighting that specifically is designed to complement the unique personality of your property. You have so many options that enhance your lawn’s appeal, value, and security. Call us today at 281-960-4994 to talk about your plans.

Outdoor Lighting Design

The placement of the components that comprise your landscape lighting in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, makes all the difference in the world. You want your lights located where they can show off the beauty of your home and grounds. At the same time, you require outdoor lights to illuminate the darkness for safety and security.

Lighting Installation

Planet Green uses only fixtures and components that are meant for outdoor lighting in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. Of necessity, such items must be made to withstand the elements, and we require that they are of excellent quality. It is our practice to install only fully sealed landscape lighting. Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, customers can rest assured that Planet Green uses only low-voltage wiring that is made especially for underground burial.

Warranty for Outdoor Lighting

We design our systems to last, placing the lights where they receive the maximum protection and provide optimal brightness. With the best parts and installation, our lighting services will brighten your grounds for years to come. That is why we provide a two-year warranty on all parts and workmanship.

Landscape Lighting Design

Choose from a multitude of options to let your lawn lights shine. Perhaps you would like us to use spotlights to show off your flowers, a fountain, or a handsome statue. A practical and attractive choice is to use lights along sidewalks and driveways so these areas are easy to access in the dark of night.

Working to Keep Our Planet Green One Landscape at a Time