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About Planet Green and Service

Planet Green is a veteran-owned and operated irrigation and outdoor design company that has been in business since 2004. We are insured and licensed in the state of Texas to perform commercial and residential irrigation installation and repairs.

Our well-established relationships with professional landscapers, hardscape professionals, homebuilders, and construction companies in the area, allowed us to begin expanding our services.

Planet Green offers customizable membership and maintenance packages to meet commercial property and residential homeowner outdoor design needs!

With humble beginnings, we have worked hard over the years to grow and diversify our company to provide homeowners and commercial developers with a complete outdoor experience.

With Planet Green….the grass really IS greener!

beautiful house light up

Our Vision

“Working to keep our Planet Green one landscape at a time”!

Our Values

As business owners, retired firefighters, and military professionals our core values of honesty, integrity, consistency, work ethic, excellence in workmanship, and utilizing top-of-line high-quality materials are at the very heart of our operations!

Our Mission

We have two priorities.

First, we value our customer’s satisfaction by providing them with ‘quality’ workmanship that we guarantee. We strive to continue providing and offering our customers the best that we can offer our company and ourselves!

Second, it is our goal to give back to the community. We are veteran business owners, and as such, it is our goal is to employ local military veterans transitioning from the active military. Through education and mentorship, we believe we can assist veterans in obtaining meaningful employment as well as develop their potential to become small business owners themselves.

Working to Keep Our Planet Green One Landscape at a Time