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Spring Sprinkler

Make your lawn the envy of the community by having an expert sprinkler system installed by us at Planet Green Irrigation. As a full-service sprinkler business in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, we service and install irrigation systems for homes and residential establishments. Our services include everything from basic in-ground home lawn systems to expert jobs drip and irrigation systems with hundreds of acres.

So, regarding sprinkler repair and installation in the Spring area, Planet Green Irrigation is the leading company for all your sprinkler system needs. We only use the best equipment, and your sprinkler system will be serviced by some of the most well-trained and knowledgeable sprinkler professionals in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. We stand behind our work to guarantee that the customers are fulfilled all the time.

A huge part of our business is from client referrals, and we take a great deal of pride in the reputation we have been able to receive through the past few years in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. At Planet Green Irrigation in Montgomery County, TX, we work for you! We are the leading sprinkler service and maintenance company in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, so give us a call now and allow us to show it to you.

Spring Sprinkler System

Your home’s curb appeal relies a lot on your lawn’s health. A healthy lawn would help your home stand out and be the envy of your neighbors! A lawn irrigation system guarantees that the yard is always maintained, so you do not need to undergo the painstaking process of irrigating manually. Below are reasons why we at Planet Green Irrigation promote a sprinkler system for your lawn.

sprinkle system in front yard

Save You Time and Energy

Let us face it, lots of us do not have the energy or time to irrigate our lawns properly. Watering by hand needs manual labor, and a manual sprinkler needs regular attention. Either way, watering the garden and lawn yourself needs a considerable time investment.
An outdoor irrigation system would let you establish your preferred watering periods. You could set it to start and stop within your preferred time frame automatically.

sprinkle system in back yard

Proper Watering

Homeowners who manually water their lawns are usually troubled with properly watering areas of need. Even hand-operated sprinklers usually irrigate areas that do not require soaking, like the sidewalk. Expertly designed irrigation systems could be strategically placed to sprinkle water correctly.

sprinkle system in back yard

Improve the Look of Your Lawn

Irrigation systems also enhance the lawn’s overall aesthetic. You do not put in all your work to boost your lawn’s look, only for it to be wrecked by ugly sprinkler heads and hoses. Water irrigation systems are good for those who want to remove excessive clutter in their yards.

sprinkle system in front yard

Ensure the Health of Your Lawn

The lawn would likely need 30 to 60 minutes of irrigation once or twice every week based on your climate, soil conditions, and locations. Under and overwatering can result in an unhealthy lawn. Manual watering could result in human error, which could also cause disastrous consequences on the lawn.
Lawn irrigation systems let you rest easy. With proper scheduling, your plants, flowerbeds, and grass would get the right water amount with little to no wastage. That guarantees your lawn’s health.

worker fixing sprinkles

Leave Your Schedule Open

Maybe, the greatest benefit of a lawn irrigation system is that it offers you the freedom of time and flexibility. Gone are the days when you’ll need to devote your time watering the lawn. As mentioned before, based on the location, the lawn might need up to an hour of irrigation twice every week!
While it might not seem like plenty of time, you’d be surprised at what you can do with an additional two hours every week. Moreover, irrigation systems give you the freedom to have a vacation without needing to think about your yard.

Take Care of Your Lawn!

Lawn irrigation is a vital aspect of keeping the yard healthy. If you are searching for a yard irrigation system in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, our experts at Planet Green Irrigation are ready to assist! Call us today! Learn more about Sprinkler System.


Spring Sprinkler System Repair

No matter who installed the sprinkler system, the quality of components used, and how properly the sprinklers have been maintained through the years, there is no sprinkler system in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, or anywhere else in the world that would not need repairs from time to time.

If you own a damaged sprinkler head, water gushing out on the yard, or are encountering issues with the sprinkler timer, then we could lend a hand!

At Planet Green Irrigation, we’re the Spring area, Texas, professionals for sprinkler repairs. With years of expertise in the business, we at Planet Green Irrigation take pride in finishing thousands of sprinkler repairs in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. We’re fully licensed lawn irrigation experts who’re willing to offer you l solutions to all your sprinkler repair demands.

We focus on various irrigation services such as sprinkler system tune-ups, repairs, installations, maintenance, re-routes, freeze/rain sensor additions, and a lot more!

At Planet Green Irrigation of Montgomery County, TX we have plenty of sprinkler experts on the team who are professionally educated in fixing all types of brands and sprinkler systems in the US.

Regarding sprinkler repair in the Spring area, our experts know what to search for, how much it would cost and how long it would take to have the sprinkler system operating as great as new.

You wouldn’t see repair services in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, that are any greater than at Planet Green Irrigation. If there is an issue with the sprinklers, or even if you believe you may require a new system, call us now, and we will be there to check it out. Learn more about Sprinkler System Repair.

Sprinkler Repair Near Me

Your lawn’s sprinkler system wouldn’t last forever. Issues would pop up, but when do you know if you require professional assistance? Do not worry. We at Planet Green Irrigation are ready to assist in maintaining and repairing your sprinkler system.

In the industry of sprinkler systems, three common issues usually result in repairs.

Worn Out Seal on Sprinkler Head

Have you ever seen water seeping from the bottom of the sprinkler head instead of sprinkling from its nozzle? On every sprinkler head, there’s a seal to ensure that water is delivered right through to the nozzle and to stop water from seeping from the base. Through time, the seal slowly deteriorates. The minute the seal stops functioning, you would probably see low water pressure emerge from the nozzle and more water seeping from the base.

Broken Sprinkler Valves

When any of the sprinkler system’s valves malfunctions, the symptoms might not be clear. Instead, you might think it’s an issue with a sprinkler head. That’s because the water often starts to pop up in various parts of the lawn, particularly near the lowest sprinkler head regulated by a certainly damaged sprinkler valve.

Old Sprinkler Heads

Other common issues usually happen due to old sprinkler heads. A sprinkler head includes several components to guarantee even and proper water distribution to the lawn, and through time, problems could pop up, such as stuck fixed sprays worn-out gears of the rotor. If any of the components inside the sprinkler head ceases to function, the lawn would probably show indications of dry spots or overwatering.

Contact our experts at Planet Green Irrigation if you see any of these problems happening with your sprinkler system. We have the skills and experience to repair your sprinkler system quickly and efficiently. Learn more about Sprinkler Repair Near Me.

Spring Sprinkler Repair Services in Spring, TX

Spring Sprinkler Repair

One of the secrets to a beautiful yard is a properly working sprinkler system.

Your lawn relies on constant irrigation and a properly working sprinkler system that is set to spray the right amounts of water, where and when the lawn needs it the most. Sprinkler heads usually have to be repaired, timers have to be adjusted, valves have to be replaced at some point, and other stuff could come up across the season.

We at Planet Green Irrigation are a full-service lawn sprinkler care company founded in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas.

We focus on lawn irrigation systems and sprinkler system repairs. We could assist if you have to replace a valve or a timer and repair a leak and a damaged sprinkler head. When we arrive at your home or business, we will dispatch a vehicle equipped with thousands of dollars of components dedicated to sprinkler jobs, and we have the components on hand for the majority of repairs we face. We possess years of experience analyzing & solving sprinkler problems. Let us understand what problems you are having, and we will gladly help.


Repairs We Offer

  • Sprinkler valve replacement
  • Sprinkler head replacements
  • Sprinkler leak repair and detection
  • Timer replacements or adjustments
  • Winterizing sprinkler systems
  • Damaged sprinkler pipe repair

Why Choose Planet Green Irrigation for Your Sprinkler Repair Needs?

When you select Planet Green Irrigation, you’re working with a locally-owned company. We are big enough to deal with all your sprinkler system maintenance requirements, but we are still small enough to provide your home with the specific attention and care it deserves. We believe in delivering complete customer satisfaction and great value with a properly executed job.

Our personnel are professionally trained and would behave like real experts in your home or business. If you would prefer an estimate for your lawn sprinkler’s repair or maintenance, call us or fill out the contact form, and we will get back right to you.

Spring Winterize Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is a complicated network of pipes, valves, fittings, and other vital components. When not prepared appropriately for the cold winter, the icy weather could significantly damage your whole system. Water that’s not blown out of the sprinkler system could make your sprinkler heads malfunction and pipes burst and crack, leading to very expensive replacements and repairs.

Winterization is vital for keeping the irrigation system safe during the cold months. If you reside in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, here’s why it’s vital to winterize the sprinkler system before the cold sets in.

At Planet Green Irrigation, we offer expert winterization services for irrigation systems in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in system winterization. Give us a call now to prepare the irrigation system for the winter and keep it secured from any damage!

Spring Irrigation

Tending to your lawn properly is crucial if you wish it to be in good condition and look nice. We understand that this could be hard with other social activities and work schedules. There are some indications you should watch out for when the lawn seems like it requires watering. The summer could be hard on the grass, and it is crucial to keep an eye out. Here are signs to look out for:

Discoloration on Your Lawn

If you see the lawn turning yellow or brown, that could indicate that the lawn requires water. We understand it could be hard to irrigate the lawn with our occupied schedules, but investing in a yard sprinkler system might be the greatest solution. The greatest thing regarding a lawn sprinkler system is that you could set schedules to operate your system, so you do not need to think about it. It also lets you operate it manually if you are getting constant rain.

Footprint Test

The footprint test is an easy way to determine if the water lacks proper irrigation. All you have to do is walk through the lawn, and if the footprints don’t disappear after some period, then the lawn certainly requires enough hydration. If your grass blades are twisting or cupping internally, this implies that they are under stress and lack water. The grass blades will dry up when dehydrated and under stress.

Don’t Wait, Talk to a Professional

All of us have busy lives. Our house is where we yearn to come home and don’t have to worry about accomplishing more tasks than desired. A way to eradicate stress on your lawn work is to get a lawn sprinkler system. We possess the experience and expertise to maintain, repair, and install a sprinkler system, so you can get the lawn back to looking healthy! Call us today at Planet Green Irrigation to know more! Learn more about Irrigation.

Spring Drainage

Drainage systems are made out of an underground pipe that diverts water away from your landscape and towards a place where it will not do any harm, such as the street. Certain yards may require a more intensive drainage system than others, depending on the number of problem areas. Some drainage systems necessitate a sump pump, while others rely on gravity to redirect the water. If you see puddles in your lawn, notably if they appear when there hasn’t been much rain, a drainage system may very well be suitable for you. Here are a few advantages of installing a drainage system on your property.

We at Planet Green Irrigation can assist you if drainage issues are giving you a headache. We can address any problem, whether it’s damp spots in your grass or water in your basement, by redirecting runoff from downspouts. We at Planet Green Irrigation have you covered when it comes to installing drains beneath the surface of your grass or solid drains for gutter and sludge pump discharge. Call us right away! Learn more about Drainage Systems.

Gutter Installation Services in Spring, TX

Spring Drainage Installation

Watering is critical to keeping your grass looking rich and healthy during summer. Maintaining a well-watered lawn necessitates an understanding of your grass and its surroundings. A lawn that is kept too moist can rot, while a lawn that is kept too dry can kill off huge sections and leave dark patches. Planet Green Irrigation discusses how to water your lawn properly and regulate drainage in your grass so that you don’t have dry areas or standing water that damages your lawn.

If your lawn has a low spot where water gathers, ensure that standing water drains to the right regions. Standing water not only causes rot in your grass but also breeds mosquitoes and fungal illnesses, which can hurt how you enjoy your lawn. There’re a few drainage options to consider this season to help your grass drain properly. French drains work by melting a plastic tube where water accumulates and allows water to seep through pores in the top, where it is then transported to a new site suitable for drainage.

close view of drainage

Plan Your Drainage System With the Help of an Expert

Drainage systems are intricate and must be serviced by qualified experts like us at Planet Green Irrigation. We can inspect your property and identify problem areas. They will review your options with you and find one that best meets your requirements and budget. A well-designed drainage and irrigation system may help you save money on your lawn, landscaping, house, and water bills.

For decades, Planet Green Irrigation has been making lawns in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, appear greener. We have a committed team of professionals that have been trained to be expert technicians and problem solvers.

Allow us to assist you in designing, implementing, and maintaining a drainage system that will keep your grass top shape all year long. Call us today.

Spring Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues can damage your landscaping. Not only can excessive water kill the plants, but it can also ruin your home’s foundation. Here are ways to tell if your property has drainage issues:

At Planet Green Irrigation in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, we provide the service you need to install a drainage system on your property, so that excess water does not destroy your landscaping or foundation. Call us today to know more! Learn more about Drainage Solutions.

Spring Gutter

Gutters and drainage systems keep standing water away from your property, which may cause significant water damage to the roof, siding, base, and landscaping. When properly built and maintained, Gutters carry water away safely from your property and into the ground, ensuring that it does not cause damage to your property.

What If You Don’t Have Gutters?

Standing water may destroy your yard, roof, and house if you don’t have gutters and drainage systems. Standing water additionally draws mosquitoes and other insects that you do not even want to be around. You should have a professionally built drainage system that is designed particularly for your house and property to retain the home value, save the expense of having to repair water damage, and spare your family the bother of dealing with pesky insects.

If your gutters can’t carry water away from your house, they’re practically worthless; therefore, washing them is critical.

At the start of each season, we recommend cleaning your gutters or hiring a professional to do so. While you may have heard that once or twice a year is plenty, homes with trees tend to accumulate leaves, debris, and other items in gutters that hinder proper water flow and drain.

Is it time to replace your home’s drainage system to avoid erosion and standing water? We at Planet Green Irrigation can install drainage systems for new and existing properties throughout Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas, so whether you need a quick drainage fix for a new property, we can help. Learn more about Gutter.

Spring Gutter Installation

Your gutters are critical to the preservation and long-term value of your house. If you’ve ever considered getting rid of them, you might want to rethink. The numerous advantages of well-maintained gutters and roof care may persuade you otherwise. Allow us Planet Green Irrigation to handle all of your gutter requirements in the local region.

white gutters

The Function of Your Gutters

The principal function of gutters is to keep water away from your home. Water collects around the foundation of your home if gutters are not installed. As a result, water seeps into your home’s foundation, where it should never be. This might cause significant damage to your home’s foundation and necessitate pricey repairs. Roof leaks are the same way. Gutters also help to avoid flooding in your basement and ground erosion surrounding your property. They look after the landscape around your home. Gutter maintenance protects your siding and housepaint while also avoiding mildew and mold growth on the interiors and exteriors of your property.
Perhaps the most significant advantage of well-maintained gutter and roof care is the money you would save on repairs, such as floods, damage to home products, roof leaks, roof repairs, valued personal things, new landscaping, and more. Another important advantage is the small length of time it takes to conduct gutter maintenance when done regularly. The longer you wait to clear out your gutters, the more time it will take to remove all the material and buildup that has accumulated over time. It will also save you time since you will not have to fix the gutter system or clean up the damage caused by inadequate gutter maintenance and a lack of frequent roof inspections.

white gutters

Common Gutter Problems

Gutter problems may manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Most people have seen blocked gutters full of various sorts of garbage, such as tree branches, leaves, mud, and animals. Cracks and holes in gutters are also noticeable. These leaks and damages make gutters unable to fulfill their purpose correctly. Faulty gutters can potentially compromise your home’s security and the efficacy of your gutter system.
Planet Green Irrigation gutters are installed by a locally owned company that also offers gutter installation and roofing in Montgomery County, TX & surrounding areas. Our team uses seamless aluminum gutters, which offer the finest in gutter functioning and simplicity of maintenance. Our roof repairs and inspection services are particularly well-regarded.

Once you make an effort to maintain your gutters, you’re ensuring the lifespan and security of your house. Call us at Planet Green Irrigation now to set up an appointment to check and maintain your gutters. Learn more about Gutter Installation.

Spring Seamless Gutter

As homeowners, we all need gutters on our property. To ensure that the drains can function properly, they should be free of branches, leaves, and other debris and jetsam. A blocked gutter and drain may cause various costly difficulties, including roofing spillage, fixing the damage, basement floods, and so on.

Finding the appropriate gutter and drain solutions can help you secure your house (and your bank account) against these types of pricey difficulties shortly. Both continuous and traditional separated drains have advantages and disadvantages based on certain circumstances.

white gutters

Traditional Gutters

Traditional gutters are supplied in pre-cut sections that must be sealed and fused at the connections. Sectioned gutters are simple to install and come in several materials, such as steel, vinyl, aluminum, and copper.
Steel is the most powerful of the four materials. This makes it an excellent choice for places prone to extreme climates like heavy rains. Steel has the drawback of rusting when it comes into touch with moisture.
When installed, this sort of material is also quite heavy to hoist and support. Copper and aluminum are tough, but they rust, unlike steel. These gutters may survive for decades if properly maintained. Aluminum gutters have the benefit of being available in a broad range of colors. This allows you to easily tailor your gutters to your living space and personal design choices.
Vinyl has gained popularity in recent years. Regular vinyl gutters will appeal to homeowners on a low budget since they are lightweight, do not corrode, and are incredibly simple to install. The disadvantage of vinyl is its lack of durability. When exposed to harsh weather conditions, this sort of material is prone to cracking and degradation.

white gutters

Seamless Gutters

One benefit of seamless gutters is that they are often stronger than conventional gutters. This makes them suitable for systems that are susceptible to clogging and aren’t cleaned regularly. They are made of many of the same materials as traditional gutters. However, they are not sectioned and come in single pieces. Heavy-duty equipment is used to make and cut these single pieces on-site. Seamless installation is not suited for do-it-yourself projects due to this method.
Because they have seams only at the corners and the downspout, there is less chance of leaking. While seamless gutters do not eliminate the possibility of leaking, they do leak considerably less than conventional gutters.
Seamless gutters are often more costly than their conventional counterparts, and they can also be harder to install. Homeowners on a limited budget should be careful of the expense of installing a seamless gutter system. Still, if this type of gutter system’s lower maintenance and longer life appeals to you, it’s the best choice for you. Call us today at Planet Green Irrigation to know more!

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