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Discover Benefits of Drought Tolerant Landscape in Spring, TX

Drought tolerant landscaping implements features of xeriscaping and low-water use plants to create a beautiful landscape design that doesn’t require a lot of water. At Planet Green TX we strive to be conscious of water usage in our landscape design. We have experts on staff who know how to implement thoughtful, conservative drought tolerant landscapes. To learn more about the benefits of drought tolerant landscape design, just call our team for a consultation. You can also contact us through our website to request info on our drought tolerant landscaping.

Garden with small boundaries

Learn How to Choose Drought Tolerant Landscaping

We can help you choose drought tolerant landscaping plants, trees, and flowers that will grow and thrive in our Texas climate. You won’t need to worry about wasting water or paying huge water bills, and your landscape will look attractive year-round . Here are some tips for choosing the right drought tolerant plants:

  • Succulents and cacti – Agave, aloe, firestick plant, blue chalk sticks, stonecrops, hens and chicks, jade plants, prickly pear, cereus, hedgehog cactus, ferocactus, blue senecio, portulacaria.
  • Ground cover – Angelina sedum, bearberry cotoneaster, California fuchsia, creeping thyme, dwarf periwinkle, hardy ice plant, moss phlox, rock rose, snow-in-summer.
  • Shrubs – Russian sage, butterfly bush, blue star juniper, lantana, barberry, Virginia sweetspire, heavenly bamboo, bayberry, cotoneaster, burning bush, privet, blue mist shrub, bougainvillea, red bird of paradise, winter jasmine.
  • Ornamental grasses – Big bluestem, blue oat grass, Elijah blue fescue, fountain grass, leatherleaf sedge, pampas grass, panic grass, purple needlegrass, zebra grass.
  • Flowering plants – Yarrow, blanket flower, pineleaf penstemon, agastache, sedum, Russian sage, bush sage, meadow sage, Mojave sage, lavender, lamb’s ear, globe thistle, purple coneflower, amsonia.
  • Trees – Acacia, mesquite, palo verde, palm tree, ironwood tree, Eastern redcedar, bur oak, Northern red oak, Kentucky coffeetree, hackberry, Scots pine, Northern catalpa, London planetree, Shumard oak, live oak.
Garden With a Cactus

How to Choose a Professional Landscape Contractor

Our team of professional landscape contractors has decades of experience in irrigation and outdoor designs. We work closely with each client to fulfill their hopes and dreams for their lawn and garden. We then work within their budget to make those dreams come true. Our drought tolerant landscape design services include:

  • Initial consultation and assessment – We’ll visit your home and evaluate your space and existing landscaping.
  • Discussion of goals, needs, desires, and budget – We’ll discuss your goals, needs, and desires and how that fits into your overall landscape design ideas. We’ll also go over your budget and discuss general costs.
  • Creation of drought tolerant landscape design plans – We’ll draft an initial drought tolerant landscape design and discuss it with you before finalizing.
  • Discussion of features, plants, and irrigation – We’ll make recommendations for drought tolerant plants and help you pick out complementary plants that will create a cohesive landscape design.
  • Creation of timeline and contract – We’ll then develop a timeline and schedule and draw up a service agreement for you to review.
  • Implementation of landscape design – Once you approve our landscape estimate and sign your service agreement, we’ll begin your landscape design installation.
  • Walkthrough and discussion – Once complete, we’ll do a walk through with you to make sure everything is to your specifications.

Our Other Landscape & Hardscape Services

We also offer other landscape and hardscape services beyond drought tolerant landscaping. Consider calling us for:

  • Sprinkler system repairs, installations, and maintenance
  • Sprinkler system rerouting
  • Winterization services
  • Landscape design Hardscape design
  • Landscape lighting
  • Water management and drainage services
  • Gutter installations
  • Holiday & Christmas lighting

Call Us for Drought Tolerant Landscape Design in Spring, TX

When you’re ready to find out if you’d benefit from drought tolerant landscape design in Spring, TX call us at Planet Green TX. We’ll send a member of our landscape design team to your home to begin an initial consultation and discuss your dreams and goals. We have decades of experience in designing thoughtful, calming, inviting, and beautiful landscaping for all budgets and goals. To find out how we can revolutionize your lawn and garden, set up an appointment to discuss drought tolerant landscaping by calling us today or contacting us online.

Working to Keep Our Planet Green One Landscape at a Time